Burren Biz Network MAP

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Why join the Burren Biz Network?

  1. Do you need more Sales in the South Galway / North Clare region and beyond?
  2. Do you need Help to Promote and Develop Your Business?

If so, you should join the exciting new “Burren BIZ Network” which will help you promote and develop your business with an ultimate aim of increasing sales in your business.

Membership includes:

  1. Multiple Networking Opportunities for your business
  2. Business Training tailored to your needs
  3. Promotion on BurrenBiz.com website
  4. 3 days free use of the BEC Conference facilities
  5. Use of the Burren Biz Network logo
  6. Membership costs €100 per year (no Vat is charged)
BEC Logo

The Burren Biz network is being managed by the Burren Enterprise Centre which also provides shared office spaces and conferencing meeting room facilities in the middle of Kinvara.


Burren Lowlands CLG is a community led rural development project that focuses on growing the Community, Business and Tourism aspects of the South Galway & North Clare region.


SCCUL Enterprises CLG, established in 2002, is a registered charity founded by St. Columba’s Credit Union Ltd. Through the success of several different initiatives SCCUL Enterprises CLG now services Galway City & County and further afield, including the Burren Biz Network and Burren Enterprise Centre.